A Woman With A Plan

Yes, Christmas time is finally here. That hasn’t kept us from using every free, available moment to steal away to the “new” house to begin renovations. We closed on the 11th of December and drove straight from the lawyer’s office to OUR “new” house in order to be able to check the first thing off our list…installing an exterior door with locks and our very first set of house keys as home owners.

Of course, like every home project, it took longer than we anticipated and cost slightly above what we expected, but looked so beautiful when we were done I almost cried. I stood back gawking at it for many minutes and told my husband, “If every project looks this great when it is completed then we will have one pretty amazing house when it is all finished”. And all of you homeowners out there reading this are thinking when you own a home you are never finished! lol Well, that will be o.k. too.

This is what our immediate plan/checklist looks like:Checklist

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