Don’t Forget To Love Somebody

We, as human beings, can get really hang up on something we think at the time is so important when in reality it doesn’t matter at all in the scheme of life. In comparison with everything we face… (love, loss, financial hardships, friendships that come and go, career changes, buying or losing a home, injuries, and everything that we go through good and bad) nothing is so much of a reality check as a death in the family. It is hands down the hardest thing to go through and the hardest thing to accept.

How do you not have regrets over the past? It’s hard to not kick yourself for not visiting enough, not calling enough, not saying certain things because…well, no good reason. How do you accept that they are not ever going to be there again? They are really not going to be there. It’s almost inconceivable.

I feel terrible that I was going crazy wondering “when will they ever set a closing date that they will stick to?” when it just doesn’t seem that important anymore. The date will be set, we will close and begin renovations, we will move in…all of this I have some control over. All of these things will happen in time, and if they don’t my world will not end. I still have a life to live and a family to love and take care of.

I was taking advantage of things and forgot to count my blessings everyday I woke up. I forgot that it could be so much worse until it became so.

My hard learned lesson that I mean to pass on is this: Don’t forget to tell someone you love them now while you still can. Don’t put off visiting them because they are far away. That’s all the more reason why you should. Your visit is probably long over due. Don’t not call because you don’t know what to say. It’s worth the call just to hear them breathing…trust me. Don’t get caught up in those minor life inconveniences when things could be so much worse. Be thankful for what and who you do have.

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