Before Pics of Kensy’s Room

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This is Kensy’s bedroom which currently measures 14×12. The closet in this room only has a width of 16 in. though which is hardly even wide enough for a hanger!? The plan here is to tear out the poor excuse of a closet on the one side of the room and build a wall across the other side of the room for closet space instead. Because the other boys’ room is on the other side of that wall, we will be able to create two nice sized closets this way (one opening up to Kensy’s room and the other opening up to Joe & Amos’ room which is in the same predicament). This will decrease the size of his room slightly, but perhaps that will make it easier for him to keep his room clean! lol

Incase you were wondering about the door leading to that strange, small space that has another exterior door out to the backyard via an ugly ramp…This is all being built over. The space is instead going to be opened up to the master bathroom to increase the size of the upper full bath. The exterior door and ramp are both being done away with. I don’t know why someone did some of the crazy things that were done in the house, but I guarantee it will look a lot better and make more sense when we are done! ;)

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