Before Pics of the Master Bath/Laundry Room

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These two rooms are going to be connected to one another totaling a space of 14×5 1/2. The laundry room space is currently accessible only from the boy’s room. We plan to tear out a wall connecting it to the bathroom and close off the door from the boy’s bedroom. This will put the laundry room upstairs at the end of the bathroom. I will finally have a laundry room upstairs near the bedrooms! This will make my life so much easier.

The exterior door will become a window. The tub, toilet, sink, washer and dryer will all be rearranged to make everything easily accessible. You can view the layout of everything by checking out our before & after floor plans at the top of the page.

It will be some time before we get to do much in this room since we will be concentrating on the bathroom downstairs instead.

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