Before shots of the Kitchen

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You are now entering the kitchen. It has previously been gutted so it needs new everything! There is no way to get around it…this room’s make-over will likely be the most costly for us. We will be looking to save money anywhere we can. It will also be the most exciting because there are so many decisions to be made. We have to begin in this room nearly right a way! The wall that is shared with the dining room is being knocked out from the countertop up to better connect the two rooms which will hopefully let in more light to the kitchen. Also, there is a grey stone/block chimney on the outside of the house that runs up an exterior kitchen wall. We hope to be able to uncover this from the inside and then we’ll go from there about finding out its purpose and possibly showcasing it.

Unrelated is another hearth on the other side of the window that used to be a working fireplace that has since been covered up on the inside, and knocked down on the outside. We may end up putting something gas in here or we may remove it completely on the inside too. Who knows…

The kitchen is 14×12 which is not too big and not too small. It’s certainly a lot more roomy than my present situation. It will also get an arched opening from the foyer and a new exterior door with glass from top to bottom to let in more light.

As for cabinetry I don’t know what we will go with until we go shopping and comparing but I do know that I plan to only use floor cabinets. Not only will this save us money but I actually prefer to have shelves overhead for my china, punch bowels, glasses, serving dishes, canisters, etc. These things are so pretty they don’t need to be hidden away! It will make the kitchen feel bigger and more open. I am really excited to see what this looks like! I hope you are never afraid to try something you love while steering away from the “norm”.


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