American Foursquare

I don’t know about you, but I am very interested in home styles. I am not a genius on the subject so when we first looked at our humble home I truly had no idea what architectural era it came from or what “kind” of house to call it when describing it to friends and family. I immediately went home and did what I always do when I don’t know something…I googled it. Wiki is my favorite harbor of information, but I needed to start with a very broad search. I typed in “What style is my house?”. After much interesting though exhausting reading, I learned that our particular haven is termed an American Foursquare style of a home which only makes perfect sense. It is literally laid out with a square floor plan upstairs and down stairs both consisting of basically four square rooms, and was built in the year 1927 when these were most common.

Thankfully, the builders borrowed some decorative ideas from a previously popular style, Queen Anne, which adds a touch of Victorian ornateness to the outside of the house hopefully we can keep in our restoration process. However, my favorite aspects about the house (it’s practical, economic style and sensible, livable space) are all “Foursquare” features that I love. Of course, the space at this time isn’t really all that livable. lol

Also very interesting was the fact that Foursquare home’s were commonly built near railroads, because they were mail order house kits that arrived by train from Sears and other catalog companies. Our new home town has been a railroad town since the Baltimore and Ohio’s mainline between Baltimore and Wheeling first reached it in 1852. We can see the railroad from our new front porch which really excites the kids. Especially since it is still very much in use today.

If you would be interested in looking up the style of your home or researching house styles in general you can visit

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